Endless Roeing

I’ve been forcing myself up earlier, so I had plenty of time to fish another frog out of my aquarium this morning. There’s only one left, and it’s almost completely lost its tail. I went by Oakland first, did a couple things there, then went to the shop for a little while. I took a stack of phones to the junior high with me and stayed busy until lunch.

Zach, Sara, Allen, and I went to Morello’s where I got the lunch special with three enchiladas. It was pretty good, but I kept staring longingly at Zach’s and Sara’s fajita burritos. We made it back in time for another perfect lunch hour for my time clock, but really we wanted to go to Zona K-Tracha but were afraid of the amount of time that would take.

I spent a little more time at the shop before going to Oakland to replace a ridiculously complicated Chromebook keyboard. Rather than have a keyboard as a component, they built it into the chassis and I had to gut the entire Chromebook and move it to a new chassis, all for two missing keys. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon wrapping up work orders at the junior high. Summer had to stay late for quiz bowl, so I took Eaddie to karate before heading home.

I had started to feel a little sour in the stomach in the afternoon, so I stayed in and read up on aquarium lighting for plants. The betta seems to be doing much better after I basically overdosed her with meds. The spot with the “stuffing” coming out seems to be completely gone, and she was quite active in her tank. She was even swimming around eating in front of me, so I gave her some of her old pellets after being on mostly nothing with a few freeze dried bloodworms. This was the first time I’d seen her eat in over a month, so I was super relieved. It looked like she released a few more eggs that floated up in the water as well, and she gobbled those up as well. I’ll give her a little more time in the meds before I do a water change, and then hopefully soon I can get her back into a regular tank.

To wrap the evening up, I finally pulled my old, dinged-up glass screen protector off of my phone and installed the spare I had stored away. The screen was still pristine, but this protector didn’t go on nearly as well, with quite a bit of haze between the glass and the screen. I really envy Summer’s screen since it doesn’t curve quite as much and can keep a screen protector without too much of a halo. I guess there’s always the Pixel 4.

Won’t be long for CO₂ now!

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