Diminishing Returns

I woke up to a nice spring morning that allowed for a bike ride in to work without a jacket. In January.

We were to start clocking in and out today, so I made it in to work a bit early to make sure the system would allow it. I think I was one of only a couple people that actually successfully clocked in. The system seemed pretty limited and didn’t show much of any information, and I’m pretty sure I had access to things I shouldn’t have, but we’re still only testing at this point.

I spent all morning at the shop since I was able to do most things I needed to do remotely. Then Zach, Gary, and I went to Wendy’s for lunch. We sat with one of the maintenance guys that was there by himself, and he talked for most of the time we were there. We headed back in pretty early, so I actually managed to clock in and out right on the dot for the morning, before, and after lunch. Then I got out a bit late after setting up a couple new phones. We got a huge box of them in right before lunch, so it was nice to close out one of those work orders. Tomorrow I’ll get to close more.

After work, I went home for a while and ended up spending most of my time just checking emails. Summer got home after the gym and I headed over for some leftovers for dinner. She and the kids already ate, and they were all pretty well settled in. I still didn’t feel super great after sleeping with heartburn most of the night, so I just ate a little quietly and then joined them on the couch. The girls went to bed, and Summer and I watched the miniseries of Battlestar Galactica for the rest of the evening.

So say we all!

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