A Steakhouse by Any Other Name

My voice came back just a little bit today, but it was still a bit of a struggle. By the end of the day I could at the very least speak out loud consistently, but the tickling cough is here. It was actually a pretty slow day, so I spent most of my time messing with Rocket League trying to make sure it would run for the kids in the lab.

Gary, Zach, and I went to Colton’s for lunch because I had a BOGO birthday coupon. Allen was going to meet us there, but somehow drove himself to Brangus and sat at a table for four by himself, and had food ordered before Gary called him to ask where he was. We really do wonder sometimes how he functions at all. I’m betting his service was much faster than ours though, as we couldn’t make it back to work on time. I even boxed some of my food up, and we still couldn’t make it.

After work, I stayed late to help Jullie with a new laptop she thought she messed up. It really didn’t end up being much, so I told her 20 bucks would cover the time to help her get Office installed.

Once home, I spent some time in frustration trying to get a Sam’s Club membership going. I was going to share with my parents, but Julie said she already had a membership for them all. It would have been nice to be a part of that conversation originally, but instead she fussed about dealing with family being a headache she’d rather avoid. I feel like she’s usually the least common denominator there, but whatever. I finally got mine done, and shared with Clint, because he’s a pal.

We should make him drive himself every time just to see what percentage of the time he shows up at the correct place!

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