Bos Ludus

We’re halfway through testing today, and I spent the morning cleaning up a bit more between working on a couple laptops. I kept missing my bell breaks to get into classrooms, but testing has made it so relaxing that I didn’t really fret at all. I met Dale, Allen, and Zach at Taco John’s for a cheap lunch before going back to the shop for a bit.

I ended the day at the junior high with another esports practice. It was pretty quiet, as everyone jumped into public games to level up their accounts. I took the time to mess with our Discord a bit more, and finally cleaned up the #welcome channel to more clearly funnel new members into their proper roles. One of the kids was a little late getting picked up, but eventually I made it to Brown’s Catfish for my birthday dinner with the family. The girls went to Karate, but Summer came along and we stuffed ourselves with too many fish.

Back home, I got to build out a custom team category in Discord, so we can finally see how that works out for my players. I’m a little anxious to see if my proposed “Discord for Esports” session that I submitted this morning gets accepted for HSTI. In either case, Ben’s letting me go for three whole days just for submitting it. I’m not sure anyone else cares to go because they’re too shy to submit their own breakout sessions, but I won’t turn down a $40 per diem for dinner, and I hear the Embassy has a free bar.

How’s Google going to go down on the birthday of the internet???

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