They See Me Rollin

It was the last day of testing, and the most exciting issue to come up was a kid trolling with a picture of Donald Trump set for his lock screen in the computer lab. I didn’t have any real legitimate issues come up, save for one computer that had to be re-imaged. The junior high really is pretty self-maintained now with those counselors.

Allen wanted KFC for lunch, so I met him there in the drizzling rain. I started to get a chicken pot pie, but talked myself into a buffet when I saw they had something similar on the bar, but with biscuits instead of crust. It wasn’t quite as good as a pot pie, but it was tasty. The real problem is the overeating though. I just get so excited about the variety.

After lunch, I finally got registered for my 3-day HSTI conference. Evidently Ben and Ryan never actually got a confirmation email letting them know they were presenting, so I guess it’s good that I’m preparing early. At least Ben said I was the go-getter on his team, which is something I don’t think has ever been said about me. I still feel disorganized as hell, but it’s been a fun ride so far, and confidence is only improving. Tomorrow sometime, I should be talking to Rachel about esports, which is almost like talking to administration.

I ended the day at the junior high so I could take the girls to my parents’ house. Summer picked up Noah after the gym and met us there, and Mom made spring rolls with some pork loin that Dad smoked. Everyone really liked it, and Autumn appreciated that I swiped a leftover cheese pizza from work for her. I appreciated that she begrudgingly tried a bite of spring roll between slices.

When I got home, I spent a while trying to get Grey to eat anything. Eventually she licked at the food a little bit, but still not enough. She feels so bony, and just wanted to lay in bed with me. Exhausted, I was happy to oblige.


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