Fish ‘n Chips

We really didn’t do anything at all today. The girls took polite turns watching their respective shows, which earned Autumn her Bluetooth headphones. Summer went to the gym. I finally got my new fish out of bags and into tanks. I’ve kept one allegedly aggressive one out, but I may put it in with the others just to see what happens myself. Right now the others seem pretty active, and they may get a bit aggressive. I’ll just have to watch them and keep separate places ready in case they get too mean. The snails I put in there haven’t really moved, so I’m worried they won’t do well. The fish may bother them too, so it’s just more to watch as they all get acclimated.

Autumn and I split the three slices of cheese pizza that was left over from last week, but nobody else really had any interest in eating anything. Eventually I made some cheese dip, and even added some smoked pork to it because Eaddie thought the cheese dip was too cheesy. When Summer got back, she said there was a guy outside that wanted to ask about my Fiero. We chatted for a bit, but I don’t expect he’ll come back with an offer I’ll be willing to accept. We came back inside, Summer had a shower, and I cut up some broccoli and cauliflower for us to snack on. We played some Jackbox games, then tried playing theĀ Mad Gab card game.

The day seemed to really fly by for me. I felt like I spent it all worrying about the fish and getting Grey to eat. The girls eventually went home, and I chose to stay here with the cats. I’m still left to wonder if she’s in any pain at all, or if she’d be content to hang out a while longer living on gravy. She doesn’t seem to have any more interest in the treats, and she’s gotten to where she’ll only eat the gravy out of a freshly opened can of food. I’ll just have to make the decision and stick to it.

I half expect them to be closed for spring break.

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