Shake, Rattle, and Rolls

The girls went home this morning to clean their rooms while I stayed home and took care of pets. The four snails from the 55-gallon tank in the living room don’t seem to want to move around at all, but they’re still alive. The water parameters in the betta bags still seem quite a bit off from the new tank, so I never did get around to actually moving them.

After I finally took a shower, I had the girls meet me at my parents’ house for a late lunch. We were supposed to visit with Uncle Giao, but Mom didn’t tell me until I got there that he wasn’t coming. Summer and Eaddie liked the bánh xèo. There was a pretty big pile of egg rolls there, but I’m not sure we put much of a dent in it. I ended up bringing the leftover cheese pizza home from last week.

When we left my parents’ house, I met the girls at T.J. Maxx for some bargain hunting. I picked up a pink Nautica tie with little whales on it, in spite of the fact that I never wear ties. It effectively doubles my choices for formal wear now though, which isn’t bad for 36 years. We closed down that store and then finished at Ross before deciding we were hungry and wanted milkshakes. We tried Dairy Queen, and probably should have stayed in spite of how busy they were, but we ended up going over to Steak ‘n Shake instead. The employees all looked pretty questionable at best, and it took them a while to get us seated in a mostly empty restaurant. The food came out surprisingly quickly, but the service was otherwise very slow, and we spent most of the evening with empty glasses. At least Eaddie ate free.

After that, Eaddie came back to the house with me while Summer took Autumn home to get some things. I finally moved the snails into the brand new tank. The fish may make that move tomorrow. Hopefully they get along. Summer went to bed pretty quickly. Autumn hid out on the futon while Eaddie watched more Supergirl. I stayed up longer than I should have, especially with how sapped I’ve felt all day. I’m not sure that tomorrow will be much better.

How are these cats taking up so much room in my bed?

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