Reverse Midas Touch

It lightly rained most of the day today, but I spent it all inside at the junior high. I was going to wrap up a bunch of work orders, but I ended up spending a while in the front office because everything I touched just broke even worse. I started with a printer connectivity issue and ended up replacing the whole computer.

I met Allen and Zach at Firehouse for lunch. They wanted to go to CJ’s first, but said there was a line out the door. I’ll never really understand why that place gets so busy when it rains. Or even when it’s dry. It’s just a mediocre hamburger.

At the end of the day, I took Eaddie to karate before getting Autumn a subway sandwich before going to her band event. I didn’t want her to eat in the car, and she didn’t want to eat in the park because of all the homeless and drug dealers, so we went back to the shop and I had her eat in the break room. Once she was done, we picked Katie up and I dropped them off at the Performing Arts Center. I ran home for just a minute before picking Eaddie up at karate and going to my parents’ house.

Mom made mango soup, which had Eaddie squiggly with excitement. Summer met us there after her workout. After we ate, she went to get Autumn, and I went home for the evening.

Some men like to hear – to hear the cannonball roarin’!

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