Getting High and Talking About Our Feelings

We had a meeting this morning, and Zach kind of took over with a CPPC vote. The board approved a new position for an Assistant Technical Director for the Center for the Arts, and they’re trying to approve a pay scale that’s significantly higher than ours. In fact, it would be a raise for most everyone in our department. As usual, I felt the need to be contrary and convince everyone to vote against approving the pay scale. There was another issue regarding creating a new pay scale for another existing employee, which I also lead the charge to decline. Later we found that every other department except the nurses voted against, presumably because they don’t feel the “classified squeeze.”

Jason came in about an hour late and met me at Oakland to try and trace back some speaker wires. I’ve had a work order open for just over a year to work on these speakers, and I was happy to finally get some help to wrap it up. I love using the lift, and I didn’t mind terribly much to be the one up and down the ladder the whole time. He did seem to question my plan and process quite a bit, but I questioned them myself anyway, so even that wasn’t too bad. We got about halfway through the project before breaking for lunch.

He didn’t want CJ’s, but Dale, Zach, and Gary came out just as we got to the shop, so we left to go eat. There was a bit of a line when we got there, but that was only the start. We got our orders placed relatively quickly, but being last, my order got held up waiting for fries. It was about that time that a bus full of high school girls pulled up and unloaded on us. Brice showed up just after they all finished lining up, so he ultimately had to get his order to go. I got my food so late that I had to scarf it down pretty quickly, which didn’t settle too well and left me gurgling the rest of the day.

After lunch, Gary helped me finish up the sound system, but we were still only using the wall speakers and had removed the ceiling speakers. I knew I’d want to come back to reconnect everything, but they literally started having an awards assembly while we were on the stage, so we slid out the side exit and headed back to the shop. I stuck around for a while there before going to the junior high to take care of a couple things. I didn’t get a whole lot done though, because it seemed like most of the teachers even beat the kids out of the building.

I went back to Oakland to finish cleaning up from our morning there, and finally got everything hooked up to my satisfaction. I hate that it’s not a true stereo sound setup, with only a mono amp, but it still sounds way better than before. Luckily I also remembered to get the serial number off of the projector before I left.

I got home from work late, and Summer dropped Eaddie off with me while she went to the gym. Autumn had a band event, followed by a church lock-in, so it was just the three of us for the night. Eaddie watched Supergirl while I worked on the aquariums. Then we went to their house where Summer beat us to grilling the pork chops and making fresh mashed potatoes. She didn’t feel super swell though, and went straight to bed with a headache after dinner. Eaddie went to her room to practice her flute and then likewise went to bed early, leaving me alone with the internet. I took the time to chat with Google Fi for a while about Summer’s Travel on Fi promotion, and got her case escalated so she can get her promo gift card.

Executive Director and Game Master of Esports, Emperor Supreme of All History, and Assistant Technical Director for the Center for the Arts

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