Just a Splash of Kool-Aid

I tried to take today pretty easy since I’ve been over-monitoring my blood pressure the past couple days. Luckily this time of year it’s easy to do that, but I’m not looking forward to a hot summer. We all went out to Brangus for lunch so Ben could treat Heather for administrative professionals day. I told her I didn’t need an artificial holiday to remind me how much we love her. Besides, I thought the day was for actual administrators, which also doesn’t include sysadmins.

Allen provided a cellphone photograph of a CD for Gary to whitelist the software. I don’t think I have to explain to anyone else that this is not how that works.

After work, I ran home and did some water changes before dressing up for dinner. Then I made my way to Summer’s in the rain to pick up everyone. One of the guys from her new company wanted to take us all out for dinner at Brangus so we could meet his family and get to know a little more about what she’s getting in to. They’re definitely coming in swinging, and it makes sense that there’s so much money in what they’re doing because it’s more about a service than a product. I’m excited for her, and I hope it works out as well as she believes. There’s always more money in sales, no matter what field you’re in.

Back home, Summer went to bed sick, and I played a couple rounds of Overwatch with Clint and Johnny before bed.

The puns will practically write themselves.

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