More Carrots Than Sticks

Somehow I got suckered into checking a cart full of Chromebooks for settings the classroom full of kids had changed. I asked the teacher to make sure the kids weren’t doing this in the future, and she asked me to tell them so myself. I guess I’m a teacher now. Where do I sign up for appreciation week?

I spent most of the day at the junior high for a change, and kept moderately busy. I wanted to try Whatta-Burger for lunch, and I think Dale agreed, but there was a huge line when I got there. Brice kind of pushed to go somewhere else, so I offered Wendy’s and met him there. I’m still not sure where Dale ended up going. There was a pretty good line at Wendy’s too, and it probably moved just about as fast, but I know for a fact that Whatta-Burger wouldn’t have been worth the wait. A strawberry shake probably would have improved my mood a bit though.

Evidently we had some kind of internet trouble near the end of the day, so I ended up having to kill quite a bit of time until Autumn finished with color guard. Summer took a sick day and met with Kelsey for some insurance advice before picking up Eaddie for karate. It was my job to get Autumn there, and then take them both home at the end of the day.

I ran home and worked on the aquariums a little bit, got the girls, and headed up to their house for dinner. Summer’s rice cooker quit working, so she stir fried some dry ramen noodles with the chicken and vegetables instead. It turned out really awesome, but could have used some peppers for heat. I managed to cook the half-soaked rice in a regular pot over the stove, and it turned out alright too, which I accepted as a great success.

Autumn was a jerk about dinner and very nearly turned things very dark, but through quiet persistence we defeated her ugly attitude. Eaddie watched an episode of Parks and Recreation with Summer and me, and then I headed home for the evening.

And it wasn’t my intention to be filthy rich.

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