Tutti Flutti

My blood pressure started off better today, but by the afternoon it had gone right back to where it always is. It’s a little bit frustrating because I can’t tell any difference in how I feel at all.

We didn’t have a team meeting or any group projects today due to testing, so I started the day with a Paradise donut someone had brought in to the office at Oakland. Then I was made to run across town for a non-issue and piddled around there until lunch time. Zach, Jason, Brice, and I went to Brick Oven and actually made it back to work in time, which was a true Christmas miracle.

After lunch, I ran around with Zach to try and help fix some doors at the middle school before heading back to the junior high to wrap up my day. When I finally left, I went straight to my parents’ house to wait for Mom and have dinner. On the way, I called and talked to Julie for a bit about her flute because Eaddie’s been having trouble with hers. She said Mom and Dad still had her original one at the house, and that we could try it out. Summer dropped Autumn off at her parents’ house and then came over with Eaddie. It took some coaxing, but she eventually played the flute a bit and found that it was more or less in pretty good condition. It could use a good polish, but otherwise it played well.

When Mom finally got home, we all had some spaghetti. I made Summer a big bowl so she could carb up for her race tomorrow, and then we shared a big bowl of peach cobbler before heading out. Summer went to get Autumn and take her home while Eaddie and I headed back to my house for a bit. On the way, I remembered to stop by Oakland to pick up some raspberry plants that Tammy had brought for me. It was late and dark, so I was worried about leaving the rest there, so I brought them all back to my parents’ house for Dad to put in a vase until they could be planted.

Back at my house, Eaddie watched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec on her own to catch up while I cleaned up and got ready to go back to their house. I wanted to try and get breakfast with the girls in the morning while Summer was at her race, but Summer said something about a fire at the Hardee’s on that side of town. We have other options though.

Summer was already in bed when we got there. Eaddie practiced the flute a bit more before bed, and I played a couple of quick, dominating games of Overwatch with Clint, Johnny, Jack, and Aaron before I passed out myself.

Oh yeah, I feel the burn.

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