The Unlikely Lunch

The weather was nice today and I really wanted to ride the bike in to work, but I had to set up the five new computer monitors that Ben offered to Oakland to make up for moving me to another campus. I think all the shuffling around has stressed me out, or at least caused some anxiety because I haven’t quite accepted the inevitability of it. I guess I just have to remind myself that in the end, none of it really matters anyway. Otherwise it was a pretty slow day.

CiCi’s had free buffets for teacher appreciation week today, so I convinced Jason and Allen to go there for lunch with me. Allen spaced and tried to pay for his. I guess I should be relieved that he didn’t show up at Pizza Hut instead, even though I drove us all. I started with a huge salad full of leafy green stuff. The spinach looked pretty wilted, but it tasted good. I couldn’t leave without at least a little pizza, but it was definitely a different mindset than what I normally have. The downside was that I was really hungry again later in the day.

I had esports today, and had a couple kids get caught making out after they had left the building to wait for their rides outside. They seemed like relatively unlikely ones, but what the hell do I know? Kids these days are a whole different breed altogether. When I left work, I went to my parents’ house to help clean up leftovers. I stuffed myself there with a lot more roughage. Once I get into a groove at high school, I’m going to try and skip lunch and do the Soylent thing for a while. I should have at least a week or two where that will work out conveniently.

Back home, I continued to feel the anxiety as I did my best to sit through the Google I/O stream. Somehow I didn’t make it through the hour and a half stream in all of that time, so I’ll have to wrap up the last part of it tomorrow.

All you can SHēt for $5.99

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