Sad Pickles

We got up and around today to go to the Atkins Pickle Fest. It seemed smaller than I remembered, and it’s possible that there were more people there yesterday. The girls weren’t too excited about it, and Autumn was especially cranky the whole time. I finally got to try fried gator on a stick, which wasn’t bad, but was mostly breading. When we got back to my house, Eaddie and Summer went to ride bikes while Autumn sat inside on her phone.

When they finished, Summer left to go to the gym and I took the girls to Walmart. I had learned of an adapter to modify their bikes’ Presta valve stems to work with the standard Schrader pumps that cost under $2. Eaddie got particularly moody while we were there. Autumn had the idea to surprise Summer with dinner, and I spotted a load of clearance items I wanted to check out. A couple hours and $300 later, we wrapped things up and headed back to my house.

Summer had finished working out and went home to shower. I tried cleaning my kitchen to cook dinner, but then gave up and decided to take it all to her instead. It was rainy, but not too bad, and still way easier than actually cleaning my own house. Hopefully I’ll get some time to do that tomorrow.

Autumn didn’t end up helping with dinner much, but it was relatively easy anyway. I threw a whole package of six boneless, skinless chicken breasts into the instant pot along with some taco seasoning, Rotel, and a bit of chicken broth. That pressurized and then cooked for 20 minutes while I chopped up an onion, cilantro, and serrano peppers, and made a creamy cilantro lime sauce to go on top. The chicken shredded up perfectly, and everyone seemed to really love the tacos. We got some slaw mix to go on top, which made the whole thing feel really fresh and healthy, but I lost count of how many tacos I actually ate. Next time I should probably use two packages of taco seasoning, and either drain the Rotel or omit the chicken broth.

After dinner, Autumn went to her room claiming she didn’t feel well while the rest of us watched a few episodes of Parks and Rec. Then Summer and I played a couple games of Magic before bed.

Who proposes at Pickle Fest?

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