Three Meal Day

We had three meals planned for today, so we had to get up in time to squeeze them all in. First it was Honey Bunches of Oats in maple bacon donut, and then chicken and waffle flavors. The maple was good, but I couldn’t catch much bacon other than the little flecks that looked like bacon bits stuck to the donut Os. The chicken and waffles had at least a bit of the fried chicken breading flavor. Both were good, and I’d eat them any time.

It was finally Eaddie’s day to learn how to mow the lawn, and Autumn was made to follow her around in case she got sucked into the blades. Summer and I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica, and I fried a few fresh corn chips followed by some chicken strips for sandwiches. My sandwich was probably about three times the size I needed, but they were super delicious on the assorted bread bag we picked up. I guess Eaddie worked up an appetite mowing, because she ate two sandwiches and then another handful of strips. Autumn skimped as usual, even on a super plain bread-and-chicken sandwich. At least they successfully took turns mowing their huge lawn.

I finally picked myself up in the afternoon and headed home while Summer went to the gym. I was exhausted and wanted to nap once I got there, but got myself motivated enough to move some fish around, and then to mow my own lawn. I still love my battery powered lawn mower so much, and had even more juice left at the end of this round than last time. My back yard has grown up really badly though, and I need to burn all of the yard waste that’s back there soon.

Dinner time rolled around and I wasn’t hungry, but I knew I wasn’t going to be any more use at home with as tired as I was. Summer had the leftover chicken tacos warming up, so I went up to her place to catch the tail end of dinner. I couldn’t help but eat a number of tacos again, and then she let the girls stay up late to watch an episode of Parks and Rec with us. Then we watched a couple more without them before heading off to bed.

You just have to believe in your placebo!

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