The Good Househusband

Summer had to work today, so I got up and started trying to make myself useful. I cleaned out her refrigerator and threw away a bunch of food that had gone bad while I cleaned up the last of the chicken tacos we had that one time forever ago. Then I made her a huge salad with everything I could find. Radishes? You bet. Strawberries and mango? Bring it on! Just a dusting of coleslaw mix? Crunch it up! I fried some chicken strips at the last minute so they’d be hot, and took it to her on my way home.

I stayed pretty scattered once I got there, but I still managed to get a lot done. I cleaned up the laundry room, did dishes, got my work shirts washed and put away, and even spent some time going through some old stacks of receipts and paperwork. It got pretty uncomfortably hot, so I took a cold shower and then met Summer at Walmart to shop for dinner. She invited Alex over for dinner, so we picked up some ribeyes, fries, corn, and even a big cake that was marked down.

We had a little time to relax before Alex would be over, so I let the steaks sit with their seasonings for a while. About 30 minutes before he got there, I started getting everything going. The steaks and corn turned out really good for being cooked over a gas grill. The fries fried up nicely, though I did get a bit of a burn due to a lack of a fry basket or metal scoop to lower them down into the oil. Even the cake was moist and delicious.

Summer and Alex went back and forth with stories about work while I just kind of sat there looking pretty. I was pleased with how all of the day’s food was presented. Now the trick is to clean out as much of the food in the refrigerator as we can before we leave for the week.

Bare-foot with a big, round belly.

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