Bring the Heat

We got up this morning and Summer mowed her lawn while I went home to get laundry started. It was so hot inside that I had to fire up the portable air conditioner in the bedroom. I only got one load of laundry done before I got super hungry for lunch, so I came back up and made some big chicken and fruit salads for us. I mostly wanted to clean all of that stuff out of the refrigerator so it wouldn’t go bad, but the salads turned out awesome.

We both slowed down quite a bit after that, but I had to get back home to continue with laundry. While I did that, I got some other things cleaned up, did a little vacuuming, and cleaned up the big Pioneer speakers I brought home the other day. I was able to vacuum the speaker domes out without any trouble, but I did notice one of the tweeters was ripped. I couldn’t tell by listening though, so all was well.

After a while, Summer came over and mowed the lawn while I finished up the last of the laundry. Then she went home and I took a shower before heading back up to her house. All total, I did six big loads of laundry. It got so hot and humid in the house that it was just miserable, and it wasn’t forecast to get much cooler in the evening. I’m ready to have a new central unit installed.

When I got to Summer’s, I cleaned up some more salad and we watched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec before bed.

Ready to drop the bass.

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