Birthday Magic

It was Eaddie’s 12th birthday today, so I tried to treat her a bit. We got up and had cereal for breakfast before I ran home. Leaving my air conditioner on super cold overnight helped the house stay a little cooler today, but it did still get uncomfortably hot after I finished cleaning up. Summer got Noah and had him mow her lawn while I was away.

When I got back, I tried taking everyone out to lunch, but it ended up being a really really late lunch because the girls couldn’t focus on their laundry tasks. We got to Zaxby’s after 3 and split four meals between the five of us. Then we ran by Dairy Queen to get Eaddie a Blizzard treat. I had to run by home and then the junior high to get a spare part for Travis, and then we went back to Summer’s until time to meet up with him.

Boss Monster Games opened a bit earlier than the expected 6:30, so we left to meet Travis and John. We jumped right into a super long free-for-allĀ Magic: The Gathering game that exhausted most of us. When we finally finished, we were all hungry for some dinner, so Summer and I split up between Taco John’s and Little Caesar’s. She beat me back because Little Caesar’s seemed to be really understaffed, but I really didn’t have to wait super long.

Travis was too tired to continue with a new game, so he went home and the six of us paired off for a three-team free-for-all. Eaddie got quite a bit of help from John, and eventually Autumn and Noah got to a point where they were really helping each other with strategy. We didn’t even realize how late it had gotten when they came to let us know they were closing shop. She gave us a binder full of promo cards to pick through, and we headed on home without finding a true winner. I think we’ve probably got a new tradition though.

It was really just nice to have an evening out with other adults.

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