Have Sumo Sauce

Summer had to work today, which left me with the girls for most of it. I immediately bailed and went home to shower. When I got there, my bedroom was super hot and the air conditioner seemed to be struggling. It wasn’t until after I finished my shower that I realized the exhaust tube had come unhooked from the unit and it was pumping the hot air right back into the room. I got it fixed, but not before dripping sweat everywhere.

Autumn had her grandmother pick her up for her physical therapy, and I went back to pick up Eaddie for lunch. I didn’t realize Summer had a late lunch, so I stalled a bit and got some gas first. Then I sat at the computer until it was time to leave. She wanted us to take her to Sumo for their “cheap” lunch special, so we all had the same thing. I asked for no salt on mine, and it turned out way better than usual. We saw Ronda’s car there, but she said she was at the hibachi with her parents, so we didn’t actually get to see her.

We dropped Summer back off at work, then went to Sonic for some shakes while we walked through Lowe’s. I wanted to pick up a couple more lights, but I couldn’t find them, and the website had the price back up to $20. I tried to buy a couple nightlight outlet covers, but when we got to the checkout, the girl said they had an alert not to sell them for a recall or something.

Empty handed, I took Eaddie back to her house and fought with her to complete the chores Summer laid out for them. Eventually Autumn returned, and I had to have the same argument with her about how both of them had to do more work than the other. I spaced out on the couch watching tech or aquarium videos on YouTube all afternoon until Summer got home, and then I fried up some chicken for sandwiches and a big salad for myself. I mistakenly put too many sauces on my salad, so it wasn’t my favorite.

Summer, Eaddie, and I watched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec before Summer went to sleep. Then Eaddie and I ended the night with the second episode of Daredevil.

You can’t both have the exact same argument.

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