Wrapping Phase Three

I had tickets for Spider-Man: Far From Home today, but Summer had to work in the morning. I left to clean up at home first, then came back to get the girls up. They were more or less ready to go, so we waited just a little while until Summer got home, then we left for Conway.

Summer wanted to try a place downtown called Poke Hula. Autumn disagreed with the choice, and after seeing a menu I don’t think anyone else really favored it either, so we ate at Señor Tequila next door instead. The food was good, but exactly like seemingly every other Mexican restaurant on the planet. I felt the portions were a little small too, but we still all left full and happy after splitting churros and ice cream.

We had some time to kill before the movie, so I took us to Game Point to browse around for a bit. Autumn picked up a few buttons, and then we were off to Cinemark. I brought my clip-on 3D glasses, and though they worked well enough, I definitely felt like I had more shadowing from the lenses not being dark enough. The movie was absolutely amazing. I thought they did an incredible job with Mysterio based on what I knew about him. After reading up more on the actual comic book character, I think the plot twist was less unexpected, but I still personally really enjoyed it. I’m glad they left the universe so wide open, so they really can go anywhere from here.

After the movie, we went to Sam’s for a while where the girls became restless and irritable. I wanted to stop by the café for a super cheap dinner on the way out, so Autumn got a slice of pizza, Summer and I got hot dogs, and Eaddie refused to eat anything. Then I stopped by Petco to pick up some shrimp on our way home. When we got back to town, I dropped Summer and Autumn off at home before taking the shrimp home to acclimate. Then Eaddie and I went to my parents’ house so she could eat before I took her back home for bed.

Bitch, please. You’ve been to space!

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