Lessons in Procrastination

Uncle Giao brought the whole family down yesterday and we missed them, so I went to Bác Vân’s house first thing this morning to catch them on the way out. I don’t even remember the last time I saw Erika. I don’t know if it was premeditated, but seemingly out of the blue, Bác Vân handed her seldom-driven car over to Nova since she’s old enough to drive now. Then they were all off.

Back in my house, the betta I had in the kitchen died overnight for no obvious reason, so I brought out the test kit and went through everything I could test. For some reason I’ve always had really acidic water, but I think the nitrates are what ultimately done her in.

When the girls got back from lunch with their father, I met them at my parents’ house so Summer and I could eat. They all went swimming for a bit while I ran home to start cleaning up in preparation for a new air conditioner and furnace installation tomorrow. Since there weren’t any other large critters in the aquarium, I did a huge 80% water change to prepare it for the new shrimp. Summer stopped by to help move the kayaks across the garage, and I completed clearing a path to the furnace. All throughout the day, I fought with my portable A/C unit because it kept filling up with water, so I’m particularly excited to have a working central unit after tomorrow.

The girls came back over in the evening, and we went to my parents’ house for dinner. We were there for a while before heading back to their house for the evening. I’m not super thrilled to go back to work tomorrow, but I’ve got to spend some time there moving in to the new office if I can only break away from group non-work for a day.

I’m likely to freeze out the house after tomorrow.

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