Soggy Bottom Boys

I was supposed to meet Gary at the high school this morning, but he texted and said the basement flooded overnight with about an inch of water everywhere. Apparently the big pit they dug next to our building soaked up all the rain water over the past couple days, and of course water seeks the lowest level, and there’s nothing lower than technology. I was almost sad that I missed it, because as luck would have it, I had left my lifejacket there from Zach’s joke last week. Gary said he put it on as he waded around the shop among the dozen or so maintenance and custodian folks that were there to help with the mess.

Missing out on all of that fun, I just continued imaging laptops until Gary got there. Then we continued on until lunch, when we met with Shae for lunch at Colton’s. Vendor lunches are almost always great, except when the Belkin guy is weird. This one was one of our better ones, though I think we’ve only ever actually made one purchase from these guys. I guess a single six-digit piece of equipment is worth a few steaks though. Allen sat at the opposite end of the table with our little buddy intern from Friendship, and Brice got told in the everlasting argument between Cisco and everybody else. I was just happy to see Gary smile.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly again. I accidentally broke my ColdHeat soldering tool trying to solder some 1/4″ plugs to some speaker wire. We got very close to 600 total laptops imaged, so the end is at least visible. I just hope we don’t discover that we’ve missed something silly, but that seems really unlikely. Gary left my office a little early, and then I left a little late after starting another round of laptops. I went straight to my parents’ house to borrow a real soldering iron, and then Autumn called wanting to come swim.

Summer was off soon, so I just had her bring everyone over. All three kids went out to swim while she ate a bit, and then we joined them. The water was really cold after all the rain, but it was warm enough out that it felt fine after you acclimated. When it was time to go, they packed up and left while I waited for Dad to get back home from bible camp. I had him help me hunt down the sailboat hull identification number so I could renew the registration, but I’m pretty sure it broke off and we couldn’t find it anywhere.

Finally back home, I planted a stem of peppermint I pulled from the garden at the high school, and cleaned up for bed.

Dream time!

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