Relief Work

I got off to a pretty rough start this morning, throwing an entire brand new bottle of pills all over the kitchen floor. Somehow I miraculously found every last pill and filled the bottle back up. All of this was because I noticed that Walgreens had incorrectly filled my prescription with a lower dosage than what I needed. I wouldn’t have noticed, except the pills were the wrong shape. I can’t wait until I’m old and dumb, and accidentally take the wrong pill that kills me.

I almost went straight to the high school to continue my imaging work, but I went to the shop as usual instead. It was a good thing though, because Gary needed the excuse to get away from the others at the office for a while. I can only imagine the frustration he feels when he tries to do things in a more correct way, but then gets told to just let other people do what they want instead. There’s no telling how much extra work has been created for him because someone else didn’t have the competency they needed to do it without breaking something.

Everyone else stayed at the shop, seemingly unmotivated, while he and I went to the high school to continue imaging. I didn’t particularly need the help, but it definitely helped to pass the time less painfully. It helped that I wore thicker-soled shoes this time too. We took a break for lunch at Arby’s and had enough time after we ate to stop by the house and see the Grom. It was then that we noticed a little bit of road rash on the rear fender indicating it had been stood up at least once. I guess it wasn’t too much of a surprise really, and I plan to get rid of it anyway. I haven’t had much time to look at mods, but I know there must be quite a few.

The afternoon went by just as quickly, and then I stopped into the shop after dropping Gary off. That’s where I learned that all the others combined only enrolled about 200 Chromebooks, while Gary and I finished up about 250 Windows computers with software deployments. That’s just the underpaid, peak efficiency model versus the Jason-lead group, I suppose.

When I left there, I stopped by Superfast to see Summer before going to Walgreens to fix my prescription. Fortunately I didn’t really have to put on my mean face, but I was only one wrong sentence away from doing so. From there I went to Summer’s to start making chicken salads. Autumn stayed with her grandparents, so the remaining three of us watched a couple episodes of Parks and Rec before I headed home.

I finished the night cleaning up after the pets, which was long overdue as usual. I’m going to have to find some time pretty soon, no matter the cost.

What’s the deal with Stonehenge?

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