The Inefficiencies of Mortals

I decided to go to the shop this morning to help out a bit since I had mostly finished with the 1:1 stuff at the high school. It was the mistake of the summer, because Jason and I were at each others’ throats all day. Everything he did or had anyone do was so stupid. From breaking down and having us do what I told him to do two months ago, to fussing about not wanting people to have his phone number in spite of the fact that the district gives him a stipend for his phone service, we just couldn’t see eye to eye.

We started out by loading up Chromebooks to deliver to Oakland, then the 5th grade campus. He couldn’t really tell us where everything belonged though, so each of us ended up wasting most of the day. It really would have only taken a couple people all day to do the job, but instead he tied us all up and prevented anyone else from completing any other work.

Amanda and I went to Taco Bell for a quick lunch, and then we finished up with a less-tense afternoon. It was still stupid and time-wasting, but at least we weren’t also hungry on top of it all.

After work, I went to the DMV and registered the Grom and Murano. The line was longer, but the lady helping me had better soft skills. I got done just in time to get to Eaddie and drop her off at karate. Then I went to wash the car on the way home and encountered one of the strangest, dumbest things I’ve ever seen. Some shirtless guy was trying to pressure wash this girl’s hair that looked like she had just died it bright red. I don’t know if they just didn’t want to get the dye everywhere or what, but it looked ridiculous.

I settled in at home just a little bit before heading up to Summer’s for dinner. We picked at leftovers, then watched an episode of Daredevil before changing our minds and starting Jessica Jones. I didn’t immediately love it, but the story and characters just kept getting more complex the more we watched, and by the end I was hooked.

Lancelot Drive, 12th Street, Glenwood Avenue…

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