Polishing the Doo

I thought I would start at the shop this morning just briefly so I could take the new, overbuilt, misappropriated computer to the PAC, but getting it going ended up being an all-day affair. It was maddening being around the shop too, seeing people casually come and go, or hearing them wasting time watching videos in their office. I’ve got a steady flow of too much work to handle, and all I get from those people is that they’re too busy or just flat out refuse to do any of it.

I felt like I couldn’t even get an assist on the computer this morning, and eventually Allen came back around for lunch and I just left it. KFC’s soda fountain was out of order, but the tea was alright. The food had been better. I saw Kyle there and asked if he was going to Bikes, Blues, and BBQ, but he isn’t. Back at the shop, I finally got a little useful help and learned the Dell-supplied drivers didn’t match the hardware revision, which was the source of my troubles all along.

As the school day ended, I gathered my things and headed to the high school for the first time. I got the computer set up in the curtain access room-become-office, and amazingly the wireless antenna on that thing was able to pick up a signal. I did have to run to the office for a longer power cable, but I got it running and able to access the network at the very least.

Eaddie had taken the bus there today, but Summer had to pick her up since I wasn’t there all day. I went home and spent a moment to decompress a bit, then went to get Eaddie from the shop just before Summer got out. I took her home and we had some chili that Summer had simmering all day, and then I killed most of the evening streaming random things on YouTube until Summer and Autumn got home.

While they ate, I got Eaddie to try her hand at the Melbourne shuffle. She enjoyed it at least enough to not completely goof off, and got the running man down pretty easily. Once the girls went to bed, Summer and I watched a feel-good episode of Battlestar and went to sleep.

Maybe if we keep throwing money at the corruption, it will go away.

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