Sink the Ship

Today was a fair day for getting things done. It was quite a bit cooler and rainy all day, so I just hunkered down and started closing work orders. It helped that I had multiple requests for the same couple printer issues, but I still got quite a bit accomplished. I picked Allen up and we went to Ruby Tuesday for $5 salads for lunch. Then I ran by the junior high for a couple things before going back to the high school.

After work, I did some water changes at home, then went to get the girls from karate. My parents made spaghetti for dinner, so we went there while Summer went to the high school for some career path dinner meeting. Eventually I got the girls home and we settled in pretty quickly. Eaddie lost another tooth for my collection, and we kicked back for an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

You’ll start losing your adult teeth, but they’ll keep growing back instantly and then falling out, and you won’t be able to stop vomiting teeth.

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