This Drill Is Not a Drill

It was a little wet outside this morning, but I wished I had ridden the bike to work anyway for as cool as it was in the morning. I jumped right into the work I had and got things done. The fire alarm went off just as I was finishing some of that work in a classroom, so I couldn’t hide out inside like I normally would. It was a little creepy going outside in the back, so I just kept my eyes open and watched people. When things calmed down a bit, I wandered around to a couple people that had open tickets, and managed to get enough information to close them out as well.

Allen responded with Quiznos for lunch, but by the time he said it I would have been meeting him there late, so I just kept working instead. Eventually I did take a lunch break and went to Sonic, but it was one of the worst visits I’ve had there. The tots were probably the most stale tasting potatoes I’ve ever had at a restaurant, ever. The “Philly cheesesteak” barely had anything in it, so it was mostly bread. The only thing that saved my break was the fact that I went home to eat in front of the shrimp tank, where I just sat and relaxed for the rest of my hour before going back to work.

My afternoon was short after having such a late lunch, and by quitting time I wasn’t in the mood to stay much later. I went home and started researching eye doctors. I wish I had made an appointment at the very start of the year so I’d be sure to have everything filed on insurance before dropping it. Now that I’m researching it, everyone in the EyeMed network seems to have terrible reviews except the CFO’s wife’s clinic, and there’s no way in hell I’m supporting that racket.

Summer had a roast going in the slow cooker, so I went to Walmart for some slaw mix and met up at her house. The girls said they forgot about tacos, and had already eaten Wendy’s with their grandparents by the time I got there, so Summer and I just ate in the kitchen. Eaddie couldn’t help but have a few herself because they were so good.

I played a bit of Superbeat: Xonic while the girls all got ready for bed, and then Summer and I watched another episode of Battlestar Galactica. Luckily it was actually an episode that really carried the main plot.

Who the hell shoots heavy artillery fireworks this late at night at the end of September? Country bumpkins. That’s who.

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