An Attempt at Cleaning That Was Really Mostly Playing with Shrimp

Summer got called into work this morning, so I slept in for a bit before heading home to try and clean house. I got a little bit done, but mostly wandered around picking at little things all day. I did a pretty big trimp to the plants in the Imagitarium, and moved some plants from the ghost shrimp tank over since the snails were preventing them from growing any leaves anyway. Hopefully they do better without all the pest snails running amok. I did manage to clean up the guest bathroom a bit, which seemed to be my focus all day.

After work and some gym time, Summer came over and we went to have dinner at Mom’s. She was asleep on the couch but got up to help assemble some phở for us. We watched TV with her there for a bit, then left for Walmart so I could pick up a new flapper for my leaky guest toilet. We perused any clearance areas we could find and picked up a couple other things, then came back to my house for the evening. Summer went to bed while I spent some time changing light bulbs and cleaning up the bathroom a bit more before following suit.

Maybe I’m the reason I have so many brown recluse spiders here.

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