That Spiked Pear Tree Can Burn

We slept in a bit today, then got up to a couple episodes of Battlestar Galactica before lunch. I started craving Taco Bell and needed to run a couple errands, so the yard work waited a bit longer. I should have known I was in for trouble when I couldn’t get the Taco Bell app to work again. I’ve still got quite a bit of money wrapped up in e-gift cards in the app, and I can’t use them because the app won’t keep me signed in. When I finally gave up and went to the counter to order and pay, it took them 24 minutes to get our food out to us. They were pretty busy with a couple vans worth of kids there, but the wait was still unreal.

After eating, we went to Lowe’s to dispose of some CFL bulbs and then wandered around a bit to check out any seasonal clearances. They had some blinds outside that the lady practically wanted to give away, but we couldn’t find any the right size. Next was a quick stop at Walmart to return the globe light bulbs I picked up last night because they were too big to fit inside my fixtures. I didn’t much care for the color anyway.

When we finally got back home, we went out back to start cleaning up the yard. It took me a while to get a fire going because it just wasn’t getting any airflow without any breeze at all, but I finally got it going well enough to burn down my ant-infested stump. As we wound down, Summer went home to clean up as I tended the coals, then I cleaned myself up and waited for her return. She brought a bunch of salad stuff over, I chopped up some dinner, and we ended the night with some surprisingly sappy Parks and Rec for a lighter evening.

Goodbye Ann. I have enjoyed parts of our time together.

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