Turning Up the Back Burners

I expected orders today, but none came. Brice and I were left in the shop, so he came with me to the high school to clean up some super old, low-priority work orders that I’d just never gotten around to completing. It felt really good to get so much accomplished, but I’m not sure anyone else was doing the same. Half of the department was out, and we never heard anything from the other half that showed up. Brice and I just kept trucking on what we were doing, only taking a quick break for some Zaxby’s. I dropped some off for Summer on the way back to the shop, where I spent a little time catching up with Gary before jumping back into the work we were doing at high school.

We didn’t see the email right away, but Ben sent everyone home at 3:30. Brice and I finished up what we were doing and left eventually. I came home and relaxed for a little bit before going to my parents’ house for dinner. Dad was back from his trip to visit his family in the north, so we chatted a while. Then I came home and intended to catch up on a little gaming since I don’t remember the last time I had an opportunity to do any of that, but instead got caught up watching some guy on the internet sort pennies.

The songs are there. They exist all by themselves just waiting for someone to write them down. I just put them down on paper. If I didn’t do it, somebody else would.

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