All Gobbled Up

It wasn’t quite as cold out today, but my office was still pretty frigid. The morning went by quickly, and then I headed to the shop before lunch. Allen, Jason, and Brice wanted to go to Long John Silver’s, so Brice and I split a 12 for $12.12 coupon and ate too much. I actually stopped myself a little early and kept some leftovers for dinner.

The afternoon went by pretty quickly, and was just as quiet as this morning. I stayed a bit late to finish up on Aimee’s laptop, then headed home to change. Summer went to Eaddie’s concert tonight, because I guess they have too many bands to host them all on the same night, and wanted me to figure out dinner. I ran to Walmart for a few things, then made it up to their house to start some turkey stock in the Instant Pot.

Summer got home just as the pressure cooking finished, but I still had to let it depressurize to add the stock to the rest of the soup. I started some carrots, celery, onion, and fresh thyme in another pot and got a good browning on all of that, then added the stock, leftover turkey meat, and some egg noodles. I thought it came out really great, and was ready to eat just as the kids got back from their dinner. Summer ate as she fought her exhaustion calling her to bed, and then everyone went to sleep.

All this perfection hurts my back after a while.

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