Post-Op Slack

The girls were up before me this morning, and Autumn had started on Criminal Minds. Summer left to get us some Burger King for a quick and easy breakfast, and eventually left for the gym. It was a super quiet, super dull day, but Autumn did well without much pain medication. I did a bunch of laundry and cleaned up a bit. Summer brought back some Little Caesar’s for a late lunch, and then took the kids home while I finished my chores.

I still had a bunch of mail-in rebates to send off, so I spent a little while getting those organized before Summer got back. Then when she did, we stopped by the shop for me to make a couple last minute copies, then by my parents’ house to deliver the forgotten Christmas rolls, and finally the post office to mail my rebates before ending the night at her house.

We brought a couple big trash bags to wrap Autumn’s leg, and Summer helped her with a shower before we settled in to watch The Order of the Phoenix. Autumn fell asleep near the end, but Summer was acting like she hadn’t seen all of it, so we finished the movie before heading to bed.

Breezy, temperate evenings, dancing through the chimes like it’s not even December…

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