Scheduling Flop

I had to force myself out of bed a little earlier this morning in preparation for my return to work. Dad made banana pancakes, but Autumn didn’t want to go with me, and Eaddie didn’t answer her phone, so I went by myself. After breakfast, I picked Eaddie up and took her home before going home myself.

I froze all day long in my house, and could barely get anything done. I just sort of milled around all afternoon, picking at random things until I finally took a shower. Then I started messing with my new Cardo Packtalk system to try and figure out what buttons did what in the new firmware. I found it to be incredibly frustrating since they made so many changes from the manual to this firmware version. Hopefully I figured it out well enough to at least use the stupid thing more than once.

When Summer got home, we started talking about our plans to see The Rise of Skywalker tomorrow. Eaddie had her heart set on the climbing gym again, but the movie has been dropping off quickly in popularity and I wanted to see it before it left 3D XD. Summer hadn’t seen episodes seven or eight, but after we started The Force Awakens the girls remembered they had watched them with their father. Autumn went to bed partway through, but Eaddie begrudgingly toughed it out through most of it.

We’ll pick up The Last Jedi tomorrow before we leave town, and then hopefully The Rise of Skywalker can make up for how disappointed it makes me.


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