Chillin About Town

I woke up to an obnoxious cat this morning that came into the bedroom and crawled under the covers to aggressively lick my arm and nibble at any thin spots in my skin, presumably to eat me alive. Rather than allow myself to become a feline lunch, I left for home and cleaned up for some lunch myself. Mom made fish soup, and I needed to get my case of bananas to Dad, so I went across town for a while.

After lunch, I stopped by Julie’s to deliver some dried pork. We talked for a little while before I left for Lowe’s to peruse for some deals. I saw a butane torch listed online for cheap, so that was my primary objective, but the whole store was littered with bright yellow sale tags, and there was nobody with me to groan about my sifting through junk. Julie told me about a refrigerator that had been marked down significantly, but it was marked as sold by the time I found it. I did eventually find my torches, so I grabbed a handful for everyone. I may have to go back for a couple more now that I’ve had some time to play with one.

From there, I stopped by Superfast to see Summer before heading back home. I felt just a dash of inspiration that was quickly overrun with lethargy, so I wasted most of my time there until Summer was to be home. I headed up to pull out the leftovers, and we snacked for dinner. She brought Autumn home, who watched TV while Summer and I started on Glee. Then I watched the better part of The Matrix as she fell asleep.

It means buckle your seat belt, Dorothy because Kansas is going bye bye!

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