The Eagles Are Real Jerks

Summer went in to work for a little while this morning, so I left Eaddie to clean up. She picked up Noah when she got off, and I met the three of them at La Villa for lunch. We all filled up on bread, so there was plenty of food left to take home for later. They all went, at long last, to the climbing gym to fulfil her promise to Eaddie, while I went home for the day.

I felt so sleepy all afternoon and probably should have tried to nap and then be productive afterward, but the day was wasted instead. The girls went out with their father, so Summer brought Noah over for the evening, and the girls arrived shortly after their dinner. We settled in to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but the girls both passed out. I started to doze off a bit, and Summer was exhausted as well. We powered through, then went to bed.

See? Stories don’t have to be stretched out for no reason!

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