Razing a Suddenstink

I got out of the house a little early today so I could pick up a breakfast pizza from Casey’s. It was a delicious bacon, egg, and cheese number that was an absolute delight to consume. Surprisingly few people took part in it, but I wasn’t upset to have a little left over at the end of the day.

Jason had vague projects for us to do, and I was to be with Allen all day, doing things for our two lost techs. The morning job was to run a new WAP line to the middle school auxiliary gym, where presumably nobody actually needs it. I was willing to climb up on top of the cinder block wall above the ceiling grid, but couldn’t hoist myself up that high while also climbing between tiles. Luckily Zach showed up to help, and we ran the line with relative ease.

Nobody seemed to like my idea of $5 salads from Ruby Tuesday, but somehow that’s where we ended up going. Ben and Zach were good with it, and Allen reluctantly let himself be peer pressured into riding along.

After lunch, Jason helped us replace a heavy, old SMART E70 with a newer touch panel. That went pretty smoothly as well, but when he left us, he forgot his backpack. When we got back to the shop, he was suspiciously apologetic about forgetting it, and wouldn’t stop going on about it. We could never figure out why that was, or why it was such a departure from his angrier attitude from the morning. He even let Allen and me go home an hour early, but nobody else seemed to get that same courtesy. Of course I actually ended up staying until 4:30 helping Zach look at a door, but the gesture was still nice.

I mostly zoned out after work, sitting at my computer tired and bored. I eventually called Suddenlink again because, in spite of their promise that my bill would be significantly lower, I was charged the same overpriced amount I’d paid for the last five months. Being after hours, every useful department was closed, and I could only speak to a heavy-accented “Adam Smith” that insisted my bill was still correct.

Summer got home pretty late, and it stormed a bit, but I eventually made it up to them. We watched a couple episodes of Glee as the weather alerts started rolling in. They got super nervous, but didn’t want to take shelter or accept my offer to stay at my house either, so I mostly just felt stupid for letting them rile me up, looking out the door to see if a tornado was coming.

I locked the deadbolt. It’s not getting in.

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