Exploring the Wastelands

We slept in quite a while today, and then I left for home to clean up and take care of the cat. I moved a couple bettas around because Murderface was looking pretty lame. It never could recover from the face tumors or whatever was going on there. Hopefully being in some circulating water would make a difference, but I had to sacrifice the betta I had there and put her in a stagnant cup, at least temporarily.

Once everything was sorted there, I went back up the hill to pick up Summer so we could venture out into the wild for supplies. What I thought was going to be a relatively small supply run ended up being a really long and expensive shopping trip with little regard for how much stuff I was touching with my bare hands. Of course any time they tell you not to touch your face, it itches like crazy. We filled our cart to the brim, possibly because we were shopping on mostly empty stomachs. Then for the first time in forever, we went to a cashier instead of self checkout. Summer even went to get a second cart to lessen the burden of re-packing the cart with bagged goods. Our cashier was in good spirits, and in true fashion, I was right on the money in guessing how much our total would be.

When we got back to the house, the kids helped unload the car and Autumn started making some pizza dough. Then they set up a badminton net and started playing outside, and it was great to see them outside of the house without any screens in front of their eyes. I had a blast hand-tossing the dough into individual pizzas for everyone to make, and after not too much longer we all got to chow down.

Summer and I went out to join the kids, and I even got in on some badminton myself. I was always pretty good with a shuttlecock. I’m no Olympic bronze medalist, but I held my own against the girlfriend of pure gristle. I was even undefeated against multiple children at once, even when Eaddie tried using a baseball bat.

As the daylight dwindled, the kids came in cranky from having to tear everything back down, and Summer and I snuggled up to Her with the Joker and Black Widow.

Ben and Mike’s Pizza Emporium

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