Visiting Home

I slept in today after a full night of anxious dreams about running for my life. When I finally got up, I spent some time working from home to make some remotely-accessible voicemail boxes for the ATCC. It’s been nice having cereal for breakfast occasionally, but today ended up being a bad day for dairy. I played a littleĀ Overwatch for a break and then continued working some more on duplicated clients in Web Help Desk.

Eventually I headed home to take care of things there. Zach called briefly for some help with his new AT&T bill after switching from Fi. I got the fish juggled around a bit more, paid some attention to the cat, and nearly suffocated my shrimp with carbonated water. Then I had a super long bath while playing Plague Inc. My COVID-19 virus wiped out humanity with ease. After all of that, I played some Overwatch with Jack, Johnny, and Clint.

The drive back up to Summer’s in the dead of night was a little eerie with so many businesses closed. The air was quiet, and there were hardly any cars on the road at all. Walmart, who has been open around the clock for the majority of my life at this point, was closed as well for restocking. It was quiet and peaceful, and made me nostalgic for my boring, early-to-bed youth. I almost wished the virus would stay a while.

When I got to Summer’s, I picked at some food while the kids watched The Simpsons, looked for some deals and resisted some retail therapy, and finally went to bed. The time really flew by today, and spring break hardly feels like a break at all.

USA’s government has fallen.

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