A Little Stir-Crazy

I couldn’t get back to sleep this morning after Summer got up for work. I tried laying there for a while, but I just couldn’t make it happen. When I got up to take my morning medication, I was up for good. I wasn’t ready to face the world quite yet, even the limited view of it that we’ve had all week, so I tinkered on my phone for quite a while. I ended up in the Robinhood app, as I often do, and found myself longing for some green bars. I realized we may not have seen the bottom of the crash yet, but I’d had a few bucks sitting unused in the account anyway, since I had to make a deposit to receive my free stock. I threw a few more bucks into the account and made some buy orders.

By then two thirds of the children were awake, so I got up to see what the day had in store. Summer was coming to get Autumn so they could take food to a friend recovering from an accident. They brought back some Taco Bell for the rest of us too, so Summer and I ate together until she had to get back to work. Then Autumn started trying to muster everyone else to help clean house. Eaddie woke up in a mood that she couldn’t quite get over all day, so that was exciting. I played some Overwatch and Noah played some Flash game for a while, and I tried downloading Warcraft III for him.

Eventually Autumn decided she wanted to make hamburgers to go with the tater tots we bought on our last supply run. She also wanted to set up the badminton net again. Everything was a chore for the little one. Summer got home and Autumn started putting dinner together. I played outside for just a little bit before realizing I had to run home for the deep fryer power cord. While I was there, Bác Vân was chipping bark all the way around my pine tree to make a flower bed in the middle of the yard. It seemed to me that she was just making an ugly tree with no pants-bark.

Back on the hill, Autumn got the burgers on the grill and I got the taters in the fryer. The sun had gone down, so the kids got the badminton set disassembled again. Dinner was pretty good, but mine left me unsatisfied due to the mess alone. Summer ended up sending Eaddie to bed, then going to bed herself. I joined her for a bit of conversation until she was ready to fall asleep, then chatted with Eaddie before finishing up my own evening routine and heading to bed.

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