I had trouble sleeping this morning for a while, but eventually went back down until the noon alarms went off. I got out of bed and made a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich for myself. Then Summer came home super early and wanted one as well. Eaddie was forced out of her room, and Noah got out to mow the lawn. Eaddie eventually went out to help with the front yard as well while Autumn putĀ Moana on.

When the movie was done, I went home to clean up for everyone to come over. The weather was super nice and I wanted to try and have a fire for the kids since they’d been cooped up for nearly two weeks. Unfortunately even the coals inside the fire pit were soaking wet, even though there was a tarp over the whole thing. I haven’t quite figured that one out. All the wood in my pile was soaking too, so after spendingĀ way too much time trying to get it to light, I gave up and started the grill. Of course hot dogs didn’t take any time at all, so I felt wasteful with the charcoal, but at least everyone got fed.

Summer got really nostalgic for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and made us all sit down to watch it. We only made it about halfway through before she was ready for bed though. I took a shower, and then we stayed up a while longer talking about how awesome my facial hair is. Then when she fell asleep I chatted with Eaddie for a little bit before going to bed myself.

Maybe the heat wave tomorrow will dry it out.

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