End of Quarantine

Today was the last day of quarantine for me, and Monday would start my turn at a week at work. We got up and had some grilled chicken for brunch, and almost ate a metal bristle from the brush Autumn used to clean the grill. Afterward we all sat around on our devices until eventually Summer and Autumn left to get some groceries for her parents. Then I went home to wait for them all.

Bác Vân was outside, and I decided to go out back to try and burn some brush. Everything ended up being way too wet though, so I just let it smolder and go out. The girls eventually came over and took their bikes out for a ride while I picked up around the garage. It was slow, but good progress. Autumn eventually came home before the other two because she fell into a mud puddle and got super upset about messing up her nice shoes.

When Summer and Eaddie got back, they came inside for a little while. Becky called me to catch up a bit, so I put together the bathroom shelf I ordered while talking to her. She had quit Asurion a while back, but got a part-time gig at Brookdale. The girls headed home after I got off the phone, so I picked up a little more and then caught up with them.

Autumn made bacon for them to all have BLTs while Summer did some OxiClean voodoo on the shoes. I warmed up the leftover steak, but was sorely disappointed by its ruined, tough texture and lack of flavor. I figured warming it up in the skillet with the bacon grease would enhance it a little, but it was awful.

After dinner, we watched the first episode of the fourth season of Glee. Then Eaddie and I started in on Iron Fist again. I just had to roll my eyes at some of the story, but overall it’s still been pretty decent.

Sure it’s a little qisy sometimes, but it’s not all bad.

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