Gotta Get Down on Fryday

I’ve been a little worried about my coughing the past couple evenings, but it seems to just come and go throughout the day. I felt pretty good this morning though, aside from not wanting to get out of bed. Zach wanted to clean up the graveyard, so I went upstairs and helped him until lunch time.

I took my little deep fryer to work so we could make fries for the smoked pork Ben brought. Zach didn’t see my message that I was bringing baked beans, so he brought a couple cans of his own, along with a frozen strawberry pie. We all sat together in the break room and chatted a while. It’s actually been really nice at work this week, and I wish it could always be this way.

After lunch, I spent all afternoon even working a couple hours late trying to set up a wiki. I decided to use BlueSpice just sort of on a whim because it seemed to have good reviews and features. The first part of the setup was annoying just because of restrictions on the server, but after I learned some tricks it turned into step after step after step of installing different components. In the end I felt like it would have just been easier to install all the prerequisites for a MediaWiki, but in the end I would have probably missed some features.

I stopped by Casey’s on the way home for a free rewards Kickstart, then got changed so I could take my Sun Joe pressure washer out for a spin. I spent a little while trying out different arrangements of my garden hose quick disconnects, and then got started washing all the things. With only 2,000 max PSI, it wasn’t going to blow anything away, and at first I was even a little bit disappointed. The sprayer was too large and annoying to hold, and I just generally did’t have a great time with it. The more I used it, the more satisfied I felt. It’s not as strong as the car wash down the road, but it’ll be perfect for little jobs around the house.

As the evening came to an end, I headed up to Summer’s and picked at some leftover Popeye’s she had brought home. Then I tried fixing a little oscillating fan she brought home from work. When she went to bed, Eaddie and I watched one episode of The Defenders that actually started to get really exciting. It was too late to continue on though, so we’ll have to pick up again tomorrow.

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