Good Documentation Takes Time

I picked up another breakfast pizza this morning, this time with gravy instead of the cheese sauce base. I really couldn’t taste much in the gravy, but the lack of cheese sauce was noticeable. I can’t say whether I like one over the other though.

Most of my day was spent documenting a process for purging Help Desk accounts so I’m not the only one doing it. It’s really only two steps, can be stretched out into three numbered steps, and then was further fluffed up into a six page knowledge base document.

In the middle of all that, Ben got a call that the secondary learning center needed a laptop charger for someone that took home a laptop. In the past couple weeks, they’ve been stripping chargers out of laptop carts we built after we ran out of loose charging bricks in the warehouse. It’s going to be a bit of a nightmare recovering from all of this, and it’s a new lease year for me on top of that.

Zach took us to Chick-fil-A for lunch, and I had a super sad looking salad from there. I was already upset that they had gotten smaller, but this one was pathetic today. I just want some more cheap greens in my eight dollar salad, and that doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

After work, I picked up the girls and took them to my house so they could ride bikes. Summer came over after work and went on a run while Eaddie rode alongside her. Autumn didn’t want to get outside at all, but at least she spent most of the time reading up for her driving exam. I’m being super strict with my expectations, because I refuse to be one of those people I used to laugh at with kids that failed the test multiple times.

While Summer and Eaddie were out, I finally unboxed my electric pressure washer and got it assembled. I didn’t get it done in time to actually use it before they got home though, and then Summer took Autumn home. Eaddie and I followed shortly thereafter, and I snacked on some leftovers for dinner.

It wasn’t long before Summer went to bed, and Eaddie and I started watching The Defenders. The first episode was super slow to get started, but I get they’re trying to bring a lot of characters together. The second episode wasn’t much better, and left me wishing I could recall some of the details from prior shows. I think it’ll get good though.

Entertaining documentation takes an irresponsible amount of time.

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