Caught in the Shower

We slept in a bit today before getting up and ready to venture into town. Summer warmed up a pizza while I cleaned out the deep freezer. Then after we ate, we went to Walmart for supplies for dinner. On the way out of the store we got caught in a rain storm, but it blew over pretty quickly.

Summer made a really good lemon pepper shrimp linguine with some Brussels sprouts, and we had a bit of an early dinner. Then we were going to go to my house for the evening, but I caved and picked up Animal Crossing with a leftover game voucher I had. With no major titles coming out before it would expire, I figured the girls might really enjoy it while they’re stuck at home.

Eventually Eaddie started bugging us to watch some Glee. By the time we finished, everyone decided it was too late to leave. Summer went to bed, and Eaddie and I stayed up to start The Punisher on Netflix. As usual, the first episode was kind of dull for me, but it picked up quickly.

I’ve always loved spring thunderstorms.

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