Frosty’s Kind of a Jerk

I got up this morning to discover our tomatoes had wilted in some frost last night. I didn’t realize it was going to get that cold, otherwise I would have brought them inside. It looks like a few will survive, but I’m guessing most of them are dead now.

The girls hid in their rooms all day while I answered emails and helped a handful of people start working from home for seemingly the very first time since this whole quarantine thing started. It was pretty dull, and felt pretty pointless, and I just wished I could be out on an island somewhere instead. Homesteading in the tropics would be easy, because there’s no frost.

Summer came home to get Autumn for her driving test, then took her to physical therapy. I picked her up afterward and took her with me to feed the cat. We wanted to come back for the evening, but Summer came home with a headache again. We stopped by Davis for some butane, but they were out of feeder fish. Then we headed back up the hill to start dinner.

Autumn found a recipe for something like Hamburger Helper and whipped it together all on her own, and it was pretty good. I put Summer to bed, and then Eaddie and I binged the last half of the first season of The Punisher. It was more of a military show than I would normally care to watch, but the Marvel banner made it a must-watch that I’m glad I didn’t miss. I just wish there could have been more crossover.

It’s all about the Nook Miles, baby!

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