I couldn’t sleep very well this morning, so I didn’t have any choice but to get up and start the day. Work was mostly housekeeping with stuff from last week between Animal Crossing sessions that were mostly me trying to document my progress in the game somewhere other than the game itself.

I was unsuccessful in getting Eaddie up even close to a reasonable hour, so we just munched on whatever leftovers we could find in the house. Autumn called her, after spending the last couple nights with her grandparents, to decide on a dinner for their father and Zach to bring them. The whiny semi-verbal gymnastics that Autumn muttered when Eaddie suggested Subway as something even remotely healthy were both hilarious and predictable. In the end, I think he brought them food from different places because that’s the kind of catered world they live in.

When Summer got home from her long day at work, she picked at some leftovers as well. I still had to go home to take care of things there, so I took Eaddie with me so we could leave the other two with some time to settle in again. On our way out, Autumn fussed about not wanting to be back, and it got me wondering if we could get her to verbalize why she would rather be with her grandparents than with us. Everyone seems to just accept it without making her identify why it could be a problem.

Back at my house, Eaddie and I finished up the last season of Luke Cage. We were both pretty disappointed in how it ended, and I thought it was odd how the whole season just kind of seemed like it didn’t know what kind of show it wanted to be. No matter, though. It’s on to the next Marvel series.

Gwan den.

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