Shop Talk

I got up this morning after very little sleep and got to work again. Autumn came out shortly after I did and scrambled some eggs with tortillas that turned out really good.

Around lunch time, I made another “everything” sandwich, and Autumn joined me for lunch with Summer at the shop. Then we went by my house for a bit to clean up, and I was excited to see that one of my shrimp had eggs again. It was a lower quality shrimp, but I was just glad to see them breeding. When we left, I had to run by our office to sign some paperwork, then stop by the high school to set up a webcam in the athletics office.

Once all of our business was taken care of, the two of us went to do a little shopping, going first to Five Below, then to Dollar Tree. Summer had a team meeting after work and had me order some pizzas for the crew. While we waited, Autumn and I ran through Walmart for some high color sidewalk chalk but couldn’t find any. I did score a pretty good deal on a bike pump though.

When the pizza was done, we picked them up at Papa John’s and dropped them off at Superfast. Then we headed back to the house after a really good day together. Everyone just sort of picked at leftovers for dinner, and then Autumn wanted to play Monopoly.

I clearly dominated that game, and then Eaddie joined us for some Sorry where Autumn broke out in first place. We were all pretty tired by that point, so everyone settled in for the night. Eaddie and I watched an episode of Iron Fist until I started dozing off and called it a night.

The end-of-school stress is coming. I can feel it.

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