Quarantine Schwarantine

Everyone was back to the office today, though the only new face I actually saw was Allen. I guess Heather was either out or staying away from the shop. I went in and planted my flag to officially commandeer Jason’s old office, and started picking at little things to do. I really needed to go to the high school to clean up some more laptops, but I just never made it over there.

Zach, Gary, Greg, and I went to Wendy’s and started in line by the road. It took us quite a while to get around, I’m guessing because everyone ahead had multiple orders like we did. Ours seemed to come out pretty quickly, and the fries were cold and soggy for all the time we waited, but otherwise it was good. Everyone got spicy chicken sandwiches, which I’ll bet was what Wendy wanted since beef seems to be super expensive now.

After lunch was mostly more of the same, just picking at old work orders and closing out what I could. I tried updating one of the LanSchool servers, but couldn’t even successfully log into it. On the way out for the day, I tried convincing Ben to just spend the extra money on Impero because it’s better anyway, and administration won’t let us actually have any of the money that we’ve been saving the district. I think it’s time we try a new strategy of running out of money and making them come up with more for us to spend.

When I got home, I spend a good amount of time in Overwatch just trying to get my wins in for the week. It just felt like children everywhere though, and I kept getting the dumbest teammates. Eventually Summer showed up and we went to my parents’ house for dinner.

At the end of the evening, I did my chores in Animal Crossing, then researched some more gaming laptops before bed.

At a dollar a day, can I really afford not to invest in a new computer to last me the next decade?

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