I took Zach with me to the high school this morning so we could try and move some laptops from the library back to my office, but the custodians had the whole hallway taped off so they could strip the floors. I’m going to have to get in there to do some work sooner than later, but I really haven’t been too ambitious about anything anyway.

For lunch, we went by Tropical Smoothie for a couple free smoothies. Then I picked at a few things at the office until Gary mentioned something about doing some network equipment changes at London. I volunteered to go out with him even though it would extend a couple hours past my quitting time.

We drove out, got two switches replaced and set up two existing ones that just weren’t configured yet. I was mostly just another set of hands, but it was nice to get out and do something else for a bit.

After work, I went by to see Summer at the shop before heading home and starting laundry. Some of the guys started showing up online and I just sort of passively listened to them while they played something. As my last bit of laundry finished up in the dryer, I played a few rounds of Overwatch. Then it was off to bed.


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