The Suits

I went to the shop this morning to find that Gary had returned to work. He survived the Coronavirus, and all he got were the dadgum antibodies for that crap, man.

I went straight to hotspots again, and spent literally the entire day doing nothing but that. Bryan was there for a little while asking me things and kind of trying to pawn some of that work off on me, but then even he had to leave to visit with other people for the rest of the day. I soldiered on through the day, stopping only to eat some old, wilted fruit that was left in the fridge. In two separate instances, Mark and then Danny stopped by the office to check in. I think they were there looking for Bryan, but in finding only me, just thanked me for washing my hands.

After work, I had to get the girls to band and karate, and then I stopped by my parents’ house for some leftover shrimp soup. We recapped the Master Plan again, and then I went home to clean more carpet. The girls eventually showed up, and we had to have another heart-to-heart with Autumn about who gets to make the decision on whether she’ll be attending school in-person, and why we were doing so solely to make her miserable.

With step one of the Master Plan underway, it won’t be long before I’ll finally be able to harness their misery and turn it into a magical elixir that will let me defy the effects of aging.

And your little dog, too.

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